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The Walking Meeting

As someone who has grown businesses — from Fortune 500s and silicon valley web start-ups — for 20 years, Nilofer Merchant knows how to piece together exactly and only the parts that matter (frameworks, strategies, and cultural values) — to get the … Continue reading

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The Iconic T-Shirt is 100

Did you know that the iconic T-shirt turned 100 years old last year, in 2013? Despite its age it has barely changed a stitch and, better, it is still perfect just the way it is. Today, as it was 100 … Continue reading

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Custom Floor Coverings

If you are a retail oriented business, did you know that the flooring at your outlet is a great medium for promotion? By placing attractively designed graphics on the floor, you grab the attention of shoppers. You could also use … Continue reading

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Lessons from IKEA

It was after a gap of nearly four years that, this weekend, I visited the IKEA store not too far from my home with my wife and 13-year old daughter. And, like the very first time I visited this store … Continue reading

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Put Your Brand on Your Clothing

As a small or medium business owner you have probably been faced with the daunting situation of pricey advertising media. Mass media, that purports to have a wide reach, can cost a fortune. Often, a single ad in mass media … Continue reading

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