Can You be Creative

The biggest successes have come to businesses that are creative. And that is also the mantra for your small or medium business to grow and succeed.

Steve Jobs by Walter IssacsonEven though, as human beings, we are endowed with the same mechanics of the human brain, we do not realize there is latent creativity within each of us. Very often, the fact that we don’t think we are creative stops us from fully benefiting from our creative talents – hidden or otherwise. We think creativity is “plucking an idea that has never been pondered before, from the sky”.

There is nothing farther than the truth than this. And, for proof is the most creative people in any area of art, science or business you can find. The legendary Steve Jobs, who is considered to be the most prolific creative person this century has witnessed, had this to say about creativity – “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really to it – they just saw something”.

How profound a statement!! And yet, the large percentage of people does not get this. For centuries apples kept falling from trees. But it took an Isssac Newton to ask the question “Why??” for us to find out the forces of gravity on this planet.

percyIn 1945 Raytheon’s Percy Spencer, one of the world’s leading experts in radar tube design, felt the bar of candy in his pocket melt when he stood in front of the magnetron. He was intrigued and asked why. He tried again by keeping popcorn kernels in front of the magnetron and found that the kernels exploded all over the lab. This quest for why led him to invent the microwave oven ten years later as he found the right range of high-frequency radio waves.

 How often have you been stuck in a traffic jam and found your way out of the mess. This is creative thinking at work. While no one can force you to get creative you can help yourself if you keep the following in mind:

  1. Be curious, keep asking questions: Why, why not, why can’t we do it, can we do it another way……the more you question the more you are likely to arrive at a solution that is off  the beaten path
  2. Get out of  your comfort zone: the more uncomfortable your surroundings the more you are goaded to find out solutions that take you out of the discomfort…..only take care to see that you do not dwell for too long in the comfort zone.
  3. Be passionate: passion provides you with the determination to immerse yourself in the process and persevere against all odds. Remember, Thomas Edison create 3,000 different ideas of lighting systems before he struck gold with one.
  4. Deal with ambiguity: reality is ambiguous, so think of all your ideas as possibilities and generate as many as you can before selecting one.
  5. There is no such thing as failure: when you try to do something and it does not succeed, you have not failed. You have learnt something that does not work.

Be CreativeSo, take on the creative challenge by first “believing” in your ability and you will find yourself surrounded by the forces that allow you to do so. Be playful and childlike. Be spontaneous and adventurous, enthusiastic, bold, constantly stretch yourself. Don’t mind being lost. Have courage and will power. Be irreverent.

And the answer to the question “Can You be Creative?” is an emphatic “Yes, you can”.

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