What is the colour of your underwear?

I can already see the shades of red on the faces of our readers and a few would also take umbrage to it. No, I am not being too impertinent and YES I am going to expose myself…well… not in the manner you are imagining. I am sure you will get my point as you read along.

Colour of my UnderwearThe provocative title to my first communication to you has been adapted from a good book I recently read. Titled “The Colour of My Underwear is….Blue” by Danny Lyon.

Based on the four pillars of communication, consistency, integrity and ask, this book gave me the framework of reaching out – exposing myself – to my network of friends, business acquaintances, colleagues and others who I have met and kept in touch over the last two decades of my business career.

So let me start…..

2012 was a life-changing year. In many ways it was one of the toughest years of my life which I faced with equanimity and the confidence that “this too will pass”.

In August of that year, the company I worked for – a privately owned Canadian company with revenues of approx $100 million – was sold by the owners for personal reasons. The acquirer was a much larger US-based company. When the deal was done, I agreed with the new owners to stay on with the company at least till July 2013 to enable a smooth transition of the finance function to the US.

With excellent communication and influencing skills and an unbounded passion for marketing and advertising, I have always wanted to try something different. This event gave me the opportunity to seriously weigh the options of getting out of my comfort zone and exploring something different.

After months of search my wife, Parimal (who has patiently borne the maverick in me throughout our 23 years together) and I, together with our friends, Anagha and Mandar Vaidya, decided to look at the franchising segment.

A show organized by the Canadian Franchise Association introduced us to Instant Imprints. Five months of intense analysis convinced us that this was our future.

As a franchisee of Instant Imprints, Anagha and I have become part of Canada’s fastest growing brand management and promotional solutions franchise system. With a seasoned management team and strong growth ideas, it made sense for us to place our bets with this group. So, we set about launching our venture under the name Instant Imprints Mississauga East – as a one-stop shop for your brand management exercise. Click here to know more about our services.

So what, you will ask, has the colour of my underwear to do with this? Everything, I would say.

ivan_misnerDr. Ivan Misner, one of the very early proponents of Referral Marketing, had propounded the theory that Visibility + Credibility will lead to sustained Profitability. And it was this path that we chose to follow in the quest to build our business into a strong and profitable one.

And, at the core of increasing visibility I am taking a leaf from Danny’s book. It is people like you who have made it possible for me till now. Team work, trust and support leads to uncommon results.

At this crucial juncture, I am reaching out to you for a variety of reasons. To let you know that Instant Imprints Mississauga East can be your partner in your image / brand building exercises. To seek your help in spreading the message of our presence among your friends and other business associates who are in the same quest as you. If you take an active interest in your child’s school, know that we can cater to their needs of a unified team look. Use us to make your life easy during your corporate holiday season gift planning exercises. The possibilities are endless.

Along with my business partner, Anagha, I am excited to be embarking on this journey and I look forward to seeing you often in this. I will keep the communication going in many forms and hope you become part of each of those.

I take this opportunity to thank my son, Saurabh Ananth, for his many inputs on WordPress and Court Tuttle whose selfless act of putting information on the internet and his quick responses to my many e-mails. Together they helped me fine tune our blog design on WordPress and we feel good about it. I also thank the Customer Support Team at Constant Contact who helped me fine tune the e-mail template for our weekly mail out.

Here is hoping we are of service to you, your business or friends as we go along.

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