A day to remember…

May 27, 2014 was an important day for our business. For, on that day, we organized a formal grand opening of our store to launch the business in this great City of Mississauga. Although we had a soft opening in the Fall of 2013, we decided to hold off a more grand opening till our operations had stabilized and, quite frankly, the winter blues had gone away.

We could not have asked for a better personality than the Mayor of this City, Hon. Hazel McCallion, to do the honours. Hon. McCallion is synonymous with the City of Mississauga, having been its Mayor since 1978. Affectionately called “Hurricane Hazel” for her vibrant and outspoken style of no-nonsense politics, she is credited with making this City what it is today. A large metropolis with a diverse multi-cultural population and a solid base for many small, medium, large and multi-national businesses.

The event was attended by over 65 people which included the leadership team of Instant Imprints, our business associates, networking partners and customers. The tour of our facility gave the guests a good look at the state-of-the-art equipment we have and the quality of work we do.

Below are some of the pictures of the event.

All ready to welcome the Mayor, team Instant Imprints, our business associates and well wishers The Franchisees with their spouses. From L-R Mandar Vaidya, Anagha Vaidya (franchisee), Ananth Koovappady (franchisee) and Parimal Ananth Explaining our capabilities to Josh Hayter, Vice President, C-7 Media. Ananth Koovappady and Area Franchisee Naren Lad Anagha Vaidya with Area Franchisee Vinod Lad, representatives from All Graphic Supplies, Charles and Chris The Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, making her entrance for the event The franchisees and their spouses with the Mayor Ananth welcoming the gathering as the Mayor and Anagha look on Welcoming the gathering of over 65 people. L-R: Hon. Hazel McCallion, Anagha Vaidya and Ananth Koovappady A frontal view of the festivities outside the store A cross sectional view of the guests at the event Instant Imprints CEO, Ralph Askar, saying a few words Hon. Hazel McCallion giving her address to the gathering Providing Anagha Vaidya and Ananth Koovappady a Certificate of Recognition from the City of Mississauga. Also in the picture, Ralph Askar, CEO of Instant Imprints Certificate of Recognition from the City of Mississauga Getting ready to cut the ribbon. L-R: Anagha Vaidya, Ralph Askar, Hon. Hazel McCallion, Ananth Koovappady and Parimal Ananth Cutting the ribbon Cutting the ribbon to formally announce the launch of our business in Mississauga Hon. Hazel McCallion thrilled to see the state-of-the-art Digital Garment Printer print her photograph on a white T-shirt "Young At Heart" truly represents the Mayor who, at 93, still has the energy and enthusiasm of a 4 year old...... Visitors to the event, enjoying the networking and seeing our production capabilities The franchisees and their spouses with the Mayor before she leaves the event The Spin-A-Wheel played by all the guests to win prizes that show case our product offering Guests moving around the production area Saying thank you to Hon. Hazel McCallion for honouring us with her presence Our token of appreciation to Ralph Askar, CEO Instant Imprints Finally, the cake cutting to complete the celebrations
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  1. Sunil Sinkar says:

    Congratulations on the grand inauguration. All the best.

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