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The services we, at Instant Imprints Mississauga East, offer is primarily aimed to increasing your visibility in the market place. We provide you with everything you need to promote your business. Yet, what we offer is just a part of an overall marketing mix that goes a long way in building your brand. Instant Partners – Business Services is that team of seasoned corporate services companies that cover your bases in all respects of your entire business activities. These include legal services, recruitment services, part time accounting services and IT services, tax services and business consulting. They are leaders in their own fields, to help you raise your business to the next level. Feel free to connect with them directly.

Julie BondSR&ED Consulting and Corporate Tax Practioners  – Bond Consulting

The Government of Canada has provided some means for businesses to recoup part of the tax payment for money spent on research and development. The SR&ED program, under which this facility is made available, is one of the most complicated and document intensive program. Led by Julie Bond, this company helps small and medium businesses get their application for claim under this program approved without a hitch. With their laser-focus on client success, Bond Consulting have a proprietary process that allows their clients meet CRA requirements without any problems.

Julie can be reached at To know more about Bond Consulting, click here.

Brian CrewGeneral Management Consulting – Bric Consulting

Led by Brian Crew, Bric Consulting is a full service management consulting firm focused on helping small and medium businesses conducting business faster, cheaper and better. Using a proprietary Launch model the company helps start-ups and businesses launch new products and services. The Bric Consulting difference is transparency offering free assessments, clear proposals and staying attached to projects through implementation to ensure results get delivered

Brian can be reached at To know more about Bric Consulting, click here.

Sharon SehdevCorporate and Commercial Law – Cognition LLP

Cognition, a new breed of law firm that provides an ideal alternative to traditional legal service providers. Cognition’s unique model offers start-ups senior, business-minded legal advice at affordable rates and with flexible arrangements. As Director of Client Services, Sharon Sehdev is always looking to assist small and medium business owners and CFOs manage their legal spend without sacrificing on the quality of legal advice. While their team of lawyers are Bay Street experienced, the rates Cognition charges are at least 50% of Bay Street law firm rates. 

Sharon can be reached at To know more about Cognition LLP, click here.

Vlad ZhitnikovCloud Computing and IT Infrastructure  – Cloud IT

Cloud IT believes in leveraging cloud technology to deliver hi-end IT technologies to small and medium businesses. Run by Vlad Zhitnikov, a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in dealing with IT issues of small and medium businesses, the company provides cloud-based virtual workplaces, IT support, server and desktop virtualization, online backup and security solutions.  Within two weeks of coming aboard, Cloud IT helps small and medium businesses, saddled with high IT repair bill and dissatisfied employees, get brand new technology which is easy to maintain and something that every employee loves to work with because it is simple to use. 

Vlad can be reached at To know more about Cloud IT click here.

Jeff ChorltonFlexible Accounting, IT and Human Resources – Flexserv

Flexserv helps small and medium businesses by becoming the Accounting, IT and HR departments for them. Flexserv provides all day-to-day corporate service functions under the strategic guidance of the client Presidents/CEOs. Clients benefit by having access to a full range of operational and project based experts so that they can take advantage of corporate quality service at an affordable price.

Run by Jeff Chorlton, who brings considerable big and small business perspective, this company believes in value by allowing you to concentrate on running your business while your corporate services are professionally taken care of.

Jeff can be reached at To know more about Flexserv, click here.

Paul DonPublic Accounting and Tax Practioners – McGovern, Hurley, Cunningham LLP

MHC is a leading public accounting firm that provides financial statements and regulatory filings to businesses. They also provide tax planning services when required. Paul Don specializes in the accounting and taxation needs of small to medium-sized businesses. The firm committed to providing timely, quality service to our clients and to meet and exceed their expectations in the fields of auditing, accounting, taxation, financial planning and other aspects of their businesses, both corporate and personal, private and publicly accountable.

Paul can be reached at To know more about McGovern Hurley Cunningham LLP click here.

Vanessa JudelmanLeadership Training and Business Coaching – Mosaic People Development

Led by Vanessa Judelman, this firm believes in developing leaders who inspire great results. This they do by coaching executives and mid-level executives to accelerate their leadership development. They also train new managers to successfully transition into their new roles as leaders. As a result of her coaching, her clients develop great leaders who know how to manage their workload and priorities, coach, develop a high performing team, give feedback and  manage performance issues.

Vanessa can be reached at To know more about Mosaic People Development, click here.

Rick FearmanTelecom Spend Optimization – Schooley Mitchell

Rick Fearman is a telecom optimization expert who has consistently helped his small and medium business clients reduce their telecom spends by nearly 30%. As everyone knows, telecom spends can go out of hand, given the many phone plans the telecom. Rick and his company help business owners concentrate on running their business and provide an independent evaluation of their telecom expenses and also negotiate new deals for their clients. 

Rick can be reached at To know more about Rick and Schooley Mitchell, click here.





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