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The services we, at Instant Imprints Mississauga East, offer is primarily aimed to increasing your visibility in the market place. We provide you with everything you need to promote your business. Yet, what we offer is just a part of an overall marketing mix that goes a long way in building your brand. Instant Partners – Marketing is that team of seasoned marketing companies that cover your bases in all respects of your marketing activities. They are leaders in their own fields, to help you raise your business to the next level. Feel free to connect with them directly.

Adrian Kostic, President, Modu Design Communications

Adrian Kostic, President, Modu Design Communications

Strategic Branding and Design – Modu Design Communications

Led by the energetic, Adrian Kostic, President, Modu believes in generating an irrational devotion to your brand by using rational methods. It will help you develop or refine your brand strategy to focus on your ideal client and THEIR specific needs and desires. With a great history of working with brands – small and large – Modu helps your visual identity and design systems to communicate your brand in the most accurate and strategic manner.

Adrian can be reached at To know more about Modu Design, click here.


Josh Hayter, Director Sales and Marketing, C Seven Media

Web Design. Consulting and Online Marketing – C Seven Inc

A craft beer aficionado, Josh Hayter, Director Sales and Marketing, is a seasoned veteran in strategic sales and communications.

c-Seven specializes in web site consulting, web & graphic design and web development. They have helped clients – small and large – expand their businesses and online presence using sleek, client-friendly websites and a very easy-to-use content management system. All this on a very secure web technology that protects your online presence from hackers. c-Seven has also pioneered the development of a very cost effective fund raising online portal for not-for-profit organizations to use in a very cost effective manner.

Josh can be reached at josh, To know more about c-Seven, click here.

Sofina Stefou, Producer & Owner, Sofina Media

Sofina Stefou, Producer & Owner, Sofina Media

Video Marketing – Sofina Media

In an world that is increasingly accepting the fact that video plays a key role in marketing your business to the world, Sofina Media fills a very important gap.

Led by Sofia Stefou, Digital Strategist, Producer and Owner, Sofina Media is a boutique video marketing agency that specializes in creating videos that drive organization results. The company has a proprietary 3-step process that takes your video from a comprehensive strategic plan to cost-effective production and results-oriented distribution. If you want a video that not only looks professional, represents your business well and moves your organization forward, you must call Sofina.

Sofia can be reached at To know more about Sofina Media, click here.

Lekushoff_Andrea_2495Public Relations and Media Strategy – Broad Reach Communications

Led by its Founder President, Andrea Lekushoff, Broad Reach Communications is a full service PR and Communications agency that helps your business build long-term business relationships with key stakeholder audiences through strategic, authentic and persuasive communications.

Its suite of services include public relations, digital and social media, event management, content development and internal communications. Andrea and her team bring decades long experience in this field having worked with leading marquee brands before starting off with Broad Reach.

Andrea can be reached at To know more about Broad Reach Communications, click here.

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