Mobile Technology and Consumer Behaviour

Although slightly dated, this webcast by DraftFCB, a leading ad agency belonging to the Interpublic Group, highlights some of the structural shifts that are occurring with consumer decision making and purchase behavior. All this is as a result of the continued adoption of smartphones by consumers. From how the digital world is fundamentally changing the experience of a “store”, to the projected shift away from physical currency, the notion of a product as a digital gateway to broader experiences, and even how our personal data vapor trails, or “life streams” are being created online, this session will uncover the key trends in the social and mobile marketing spaces.

In this session the presenters seek to address:

• What to expect from the emergence of mobile wallet technologies, and how brands can adapt.

• How using digital and mobile experiences can surround a store shopping experience to create a richer connection with consumers

• How adopting key strategies in social media can convert passive fans into active champions for your brand

• How developing a mastery of location, and location based services, will become a critical competency for retailers and marketers alike.

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