The Power of The Video

If you were five years into the future, would you be reading this post or watching it?

Image courtesy Kevin Simpson. Downloaded from under the Creative Commons Licence

Image courtesy Kevin Simpson. Downloaded from under the Creative Commons Licence

Ever since the advent of television in the early 1900s’, moving images have always captured the imagination of mankind. This, over the static print which held sway in those days. Not much has changed since then. Even as copious amounts of paper have been generated, the status of television over the past many decades has enveloped the world has never before.

The same trend has been replicated in the virtual world. The initial stages of the web world was dominated by the written word. Static images were added on to break the monotony of words. However, the past few years have seen an explosion of videos on the internet. In fact, a study conducted by Cisco, the giant networking company, states that by the year 2018 video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. Video-on-Demand traffic alone would have trebled.

As content begins to dominate marketing strategies on the internet, video will become a key factor in the content mix. In fact, AC Nielson, the market research giant, has stated in a recent study that nearly 64% of all internet marketers expect video to dominate in the near future.

clapboardAs a small and medium business owner can you afford to miss the bus? In an age of information overload, it is vital for small and medium businesses to offer content that is easy to digest and video does this very well. And, in today’s world it is not very difficult to produce a video without breaking your bank.

There are several producers out there who can help. In fact, we at Instant Imprints Mississauga East, have partnered with one for your benefit. While they will help you in your quest for video success, the following tips will help you start your journey.

  1. Educate: the main aim of your video should be to educate people about your offerings. Tell them everything they need to know to help them decide.
  2. Answer questions: videos are a great way to have a FAQ about your products or services. Seeing someone answering questions goes a longer way than asking people to read a long list of FAQs.
  3. Grow your list: encourage your prospects to take your call to action seriously. Make a video that shows them what they will get in return for this. Don’t hold back, give them the best.
  4. Case studies: Video case studies are a great way in showcasing your business achievements. At the minimum, see if you can get your customers on video with their testimonials.
  5. Tell a story: people always relate to you better when you tell a compelling story. Let your videos do this for you to increase participation from your audience.
  6. Debunk myths: if your business is one that has a lot of unanswered myths surrounding it, use the video to debunk them.
  7. Take your audience behind the scenes: Very often pulling the curtain up and exposing your audience to the “natural surroundings” outside of your office resonates with your audience. Do not hesitate to show yourself in your natural and true surrounding.

Watch ButtonThese are just a few tips of the many that will help you get started on the journey of using videos as part of your marketing mix. Contact the right service provider and be on your way to leveraging this important media to your benefit.

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