With bated breath…..

Launching a business can be very exhilarating. The adrenalin pumping, excitement at high levels – you almost think that everything will happen instantly. Well, it is not quite true…

When we applied for approvals from the City of Mississauga for the work to be done on our storefront, we were told it would take 20 business days from the date of application. Little did we know that the “date of application” is counted from the date on which all clarifications sought by the City have been provided.

Sigh !! We cannot do anything about that and we need to let the City officials do their job. So, the date of our soft opening of the store will be slightly delayed….. by three weeks and will be pushed beyond the earlier estimated date of end-September 2013…

But don’t worry. In this age of technology, we are rushing to get our e-commerce piece up and running… and should have that very soon.

We will keep you posted. Till then keep visiting our website and let us know your requirements by e-mail – store5004@instantimprints.com – and our advisers will connect with you to fulfill your orders.


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